Coconut Oil Lovers!!

Hello beauty fans!! Today we will be going back to the kitchen and talk about coconut oil. I am a huge fan and there are many coconut oil lovers not only because of its tropical smell but because of it’s impressive list of benefits. 

Coconut oil is excellent for cooking but can be used in any other ways. It is cost-effective way to care for your body and will penetrate your skin on a deeper level than your other products because of its low molecular weight and the way it bonds with proteins. Here are a few ways you can use coconut oil to help achieve radiant skin:

  1. Body Oil. Rub coconut oil onto dry elbows, knees, hands, and cuticles. You can use this some nights as a body butter to allow it to penetrate and wake up with soft skin. Don't forget your feet! You can also use coconut oil and wear socks overnight to have smoother feet the next morning.

  2. Body Scrub. Try making your own body scrub by mixing coconut oil will coconut sugar to exfoliate dead skin skin and reveal smoother skin. This can be done twice a week.

  3. Cold Sore Treatment. Who likes those embarrassing cold sores? With the help of coconut oil you can help speed up the hearing time alleviate pain and reduce discoloration!

  4. Makeup Remover. You can use coconut oil as a face wash, it will not be harsh like some face  washes tend to be and help your skin look hydrated and healthy!

  5. Lip Balm. Everyone loves to rock a matte lipstick but not with cracked lips! With the help of coconut oil you can make your own lip balm with lavender or mint and get rid of dry lips!

  6. Scalp Moisture. Coconut oil works wonders with your hair! Rub a couple of drops to your scalp to help with dandruff and keep the scalp moisturized. It is important to also apply some oil to your ends, especially if you have long hair. During summer your hair and get dry because of the heat, sun and pool parties! That's no bueno but try to put some oil in your hair before jumping into the pool and apply oil to your ends a few times a week to help deep condition. 

  7. Shaving Gel. Everyone wants a close, smooth shave especially during summer and by using coconut oil you can get just that! Instead of using the typical shaving creams or gels reach for coconut oil instead, this will help to prevent any ingrown hairs and razor burn. It also works as an in shower moisturizer! No need to for lotion just pat dry and you are ready to go!

  8. Stretch Marks. Coconut oil is great for stretch marks. We all have a few this will help to fade them quickly and speed healing. Applying coconut oil can also help prevent stretch marks!

  9. Sun Relief. Have you been out in the sun too long? Is your skin inflamed and red? We have all gone through that before and it is no fun to feel itchy and dry. With the help of sunblock you can relieve the skin. It also acts as a natural sunblock with an SPF of 4. Add some oil to your sunblock and you will make your sunblock even stronger!

Now that we know all the things coconut oil can be used for we can all go look for that coconut oil hiding in our kitchen cabinet and benefit for all its uses! If you are not a coconut oil lover yet you will be one now!! Don't forget to bring it in your beach bag next time and apply it in both your hair and skin before going out in the sun!!

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Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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