Water-Based vs. Silicone-Based Primer

Once you start using primers it is a step you cannot skip and becomes important in your makeup routine since they help foundation go on more evenly, control oil, blur imperfections, and help makeup stay in place for hours... In other words, flawless!!! There are a lot of primers on the market but how do you know if you are using the right primer for your makeup routine? There are two types of primers, water-based primer and silicone-based primer.  To find out what the base is look at the back of your primer and see what ingredients it has. If you see words ending in -cone,-methicone, or -siloxane in the first few ingredients then the primer is silicone-based. If none of these words appear then it is most likely the primer is water-based.

Silicone-based primers have a Vaseline like texture, they help blur fine lines and large pores. Water-based primers have a watery texture, are light on skin and work well with dry skin.

Which one should you use? It depends on what is the base of your foundation. Water-based foundations work best with water-based primers and silicone-based foundations work best with silicone-based primers. Very simple right?! I learned this when I would apply primer then my foundation and it would sort of crumble on top of the primer. This would happen because my foundation was water-based and the primer is silicone-based. There can be exceptions but I do suggest if you pair water-based with water based and silicone based with silicone based, it will make a difference in your makeup!!

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