Stay Fit No Matter Where You Go

Summer is over and the Holiday season is near! Many people tend to travel during this time to visit family and friends. Holiday times and traveling means delicious food and less time to work out. I always try my best to eat healthy and stay active but we all know it is hard to say no to pumpkin pie!! This is why today I will be sharing a few of my tips to stay fit no matter where you go!

1. Find a class. When you visit somewhere it would be a smart idea to look for some sort of spin class or pilates session. This can be great bonding time with family or friends then after you won’t feel so guilty when you eat grandma’s dessert!!

2. Take a walk. Another thing you can do is take a morning or afternoon walk. Walking for at least 15 to 30 minutes is what you need and if you want to mix it up sprint for a few minutes in between your walk! Personally, I love going on a walk after I eat dinner and watch the sunset.

3. Pack some equipment. If you have limited time you can take a resistance band and do some workouts in your room when you first wake up!! I would also suggest taking a jump rope to get some cardio.

4. Try new things. When you travel there are activities you can do such as hiking to see views or go paddle boarding. Every city has great things to explore so don’t miss out and try something new!!

5. Use your phone. There are many fitness apps you can use to track your steps and calories such as MyFitnessPal. I would suggest to download it and use it so you can keep track on how active you are staying and how much water you are drinking. There are also apps where you can do quick workout challenges such as 30 Day Ab or 30 Day Squat. What’s great about using your phone is that these apps will send you reminders daily so you won’t forget to get a work out in!

smiling woman stretching on mat in the gym

I hope these tips will help you stay active and fit while you travel and enjoy spending time with family and friends. By drinking plenty of water and staying active your skin will thank you!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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