Time to Replace That BEAUTY BLENDER!!

Hello my beauty fans!

How many of you use a Beauty Blender?! More and more people are using this iconic beauty invention to get well-blended foundation. If you have not tried one I suggest you do to get flawless looking makeup or look into using a dupe such as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This sponge is amazing but it can absorb bacteria and cause breakouts!! It is very important to wash it and know when it is time to replace it!

One of the first few things you should look for is if your Beauty Blender has rips or is starting to flake. If it is loosing its shape then it is time to throw it away and get a new one!! I suggest you should replace your Beauty Blender every two months if you were makeup several days a week but if you don’t wear makeup you can push it a little bit longer. Do not push it anymore than 3 months!! That will not be good for your skin.

If you are starting to get mystery breakouts and you cannot target exactly why you should evaluate if you are eating right, drinking enough water, and staying on top of your skin care. If you are doing all things right and you are still breaking out then it might be because of your Beauty Blender!! If that is the case throw it away and buy a new one, even if it is sooner than two months.

Now that we have that covered there is one thing to remember! All of us love to have flawless looking makeup but it is important you wash your tools, including a beauty sponge. If you fail to do this it will affect your skin and defeat the purpose of your skincare!! Flawless makeup starts with healthy skin!!


Keep it beautiful

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* Gregory Dylan is a 20 year beauty industry veteran, licensed esthetician and facial expert. For more information or to schedule a facial treatment at his skin care clinic in Los Angeles, please e-mail: info@gregorydylanbeauty.com *