Swap those unwanted Beauty samples! Check out eDivv!!!

So, if you're anything like myself (or any other beauty junky) you are INUNDATED with countless samples of beauty products. From fragrances to primers, body polish to face serums, they get dropped in our bags while shopping or delivered to us monthly. And LBH, (let's be honest) we never realllllly get around to trying them all.  Ever. For real. 

Well, fear not! eDivv is here! This super fun site lets you find trading partners to send and receive other samples with. Simply upload your unwanted selections and find someone who has the products that you're looking to try...and negotiate a trade!

samples - gregory dylan beauty- eDivv

This is SO fun!!! I think I'm going to go upload and start a swap! (and YES, that is my pile above and it's a fraction of what I have. Yikes. #beautyexpertproblems)