Natural/Organic Tattoo Aftercare

Hello my beauty lovers! I'm sorry for being MIA but today I will be sharing some information  we will be talking about another natural/organic product for tattoo aftercare…. COCONUT OIL!! This can be used as the perfect tattoo aftercare balm.

This is not the first time I have talked about coconut oil on my blog and there is a reason so many people are starting to always have a bottle at home because of its multiple uses.  Coconut oil can be used in your tattoo aftercare routine as a soothing lotion with great healing properties. I spoke with Dan, a Master of Fine Arts and a member AuthorityTattoo ( about how to care for your tattoo with coconut oil. He taught me a few things and I want to share this information with you all today!!

Take a look below to see why 100% natural, organic and vegan-friendly coconut oil could be the best tattoo-healing product for you and your new ink.


Remember, a tattoo is a lifelong investment and this includes care and maintenance to keep it healthy and vibrant for years to come!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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