Will cutting dairy cause your breakouts to stop?!

It is important to cleanse your face and use the right skincare but it is only half of what it takes to achieve a clear, glowing complexion. You can give your skin the best treatment but sometimes not see results and this can be very frustrating! This is why what put into your body is just as important as what you put onto your face! May diary be the reason why your skin does not seem to clear up?

After reading an article about Khloe Kardashian cutting out dairy and how it contributed to her 11-pound weight loss in just six weeks I decided it was time to inform you guys a little on what dairy can do to your skin. It can cause your skin to create excess oil (sebum), which clogs pores, and it can cause dead skin cells to bind to one another, leading to more acne. Dairy contains growth hormones and cause inflammation! Once again this can lead to acne!

We all love ice cream during the warm weather and who doesn’t want to get froyo on a warm summer night?! Everyone enjoys some cheese too and if you’re like me you love to ask for some extra cheese (you know you’re guilty too)! How about this summer we all try limiting our diary intake to two servings a day or try replacing dairy with some alternatives! Ben and Jerry’s offers non-dairy flavors so whenever you have a sweet tooth craving why not try their Chunky Monkey flavor!! If cutting down dairy works for you let me know you can even take before and afters to see what difference it will make on your skin!

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Tips You Need To Know Before Your Next Facial!!

Hi gang! Facials are essential for a good skin-care regimen but there are some things you need to know for your next treatment! I get my clients ask me what they need to do before their facial and I found the perfect article for you to read!

Click on the image below to find out these fabulous tips!!

After reading these tips you will be sure to have glowing skin after every facial!!

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NEW VIDEO! Face Freezing! Botox vs. Dysport

Hello beauty fans!! There is a new YouTube video on my channel with August Denton, RN. I went back into Beverly Hills to find out more on the difference between Botox and Dysport. Both can help achieve smooth lines and wrinkles but I decided to give Dysport a try! Watch the video to find out more and see my results!


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Beauty Sleep goes next level!

I came across this Marie Claire UK article on a new trend and had to share!! It talks about a selection of pillows designed to prevent lines and aging with special "ingredient infused" fabrics to treat skin, silks to reduce creasing and shapes to increase radiant inducing glow!

skin - pillow - gregory - dylan - beauty

I thought it was interesting as I have carried "the Pillowcase" by Circadia (click over to "shop" to check it out!) since I opened the studio! This particular case is a special microfiber that prevents creasing and moisture depletion. I  really liked this one as it does not over promise and the premiss made sense. (Many materials wick moisture from the skin and regular pillow cases to cause skin creasing which may lead to lines.) And it is super soft and comfy!

Are you going to go next level with your beauty sleep and try and new pillow case?!? I'd give the others a try at some point. But for now, keep it simple with a silk or satin and use fabulous nighttime skincare!!



Giselle named new face of Chanel No. 5!

OMG! Two of my favorite things!! Giselle annnnd Chanel! Check out the news of The Huff Post!

giselle-chanel-no.5-fragrance-beauty news

Chanel announced last Friday that Giselle would be the new face of the icon fashion house's most notable fragrance. Not to be biased, but of course I TOTALLY approve! Of course I heart Keira K. for Coco Mademoiselle BIG time. But then again, Chanel can do no wrong! #longlivecoco

Chanel-No.5-beauty news-gregory dylan beauty-boy meets beauty

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