Stay Fab With Silk

Silk duvet cover and pillowcases can look luxurious in your room but not only does it look good it also has its benefits! Silk can be worth splurging on because of the benefits it has on your hair and skin!

Cotton is naturally absorbent, meaning it will pull moisture from your skin. For those who care for their skin tend to have a night routine of our favorite serums and creams, last thing you want is too have your pillowcase absorb it all!! This can cause your skin to become dry as you sleep but with a silk pillowcase your skin will retain moisture and look fresh and hydrated.

Silk is naturally cool so this helps reduce sweat during your sleep. When you sweat while your sleep it can make your hair oily and breakout!! Using a silk pillowcase will keep you cool during your beauty sleep.

Some of us have sensitive skin, which is why using a silk pillowcase would be a great idea to avoid any potentially irritating added chemicals and various environmental allergens such as dust mites, mold, and fungus. That is the last thing I would want during my beauty sleep!!

How many of you wake up with frizzy hair?! Friction is no fun… It causes split ends!! To avoid having your hair look dry and preserve your fab blowouts start using a silk pillowcases. There are many silk pillowcases on the market but if you are hesistant to start using silk you can start by using one I offer on my site, The Pillowcase by Circadia. This luxuriously soft fabric scientifically designed to support your skin while you sleep, it maintains the skin’s hydration and even helps prevent sleep lines that cause wrinkles.


Let me know if you use a silk pillowcase or which one you decide on buying! I love hearing your product recommendations.


Remember… Stay fabulous with a silk pillowcases and… Keep it beautiful!!




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November Ready!!

Hello gang!! This year is going by soo fast, I can’t believe it’s already November?! The holidays are so close and its time to switch that beauty routine! When seasons change we all want to make some small tweaks to our makeup and skincare to transition from fall to winter. Here are a few things you can try to switch up this cold season:

1.  Switch Foundations. Around this time of the year it is nice to switch your dewy foundation to matte foundations, powder formulas, mattifying primers. In the cooler months try to go for a cooler foundation rather than a warmer tone that may be too tan.

2.  Different Lip Care. We usually neglect our lips during the warmer months but we have to pay extra attention to them during the colder seasons. Cool air can cause more chapping and that is no good when you are trying to wear matte lipsticks!! One of my personal favorite lip balms is Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve.

3. Add Oil. Light-weight and oil free moisturizers is what many avoid during the heat but with the cold weather it is nice to switch to a heavier moisturizer or even an oil! It depends on every skin type if oil can be used, if it works for you it will make your skin feel so hydrated!! Make sure to use some oil on your hair and body as well to keep it moisturized!!

4.  Play with red. Who doesn’t love nude and blush shades, but during the cold season is fun to play with different shades of red. Maybe a maroon sweater, a vampy lip color, or a burgundy manicure like Essie Wicked. Red comes in so many shades and this is the time switch it up!!

Those are a few things to change as winter approaches!! What are some things you do differently during the cold seasons? Let me know in the comments!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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Time to Replace That BEAUTY BLENDER!!

Hello my beauty fans!

How many of you use a Beauty Blender?! More and more people are using this iconic beauty invention to get well-blended foundation. If you have not tried one I suggest you do to get flawless looking makeup or look into using a dupe such as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This sponge is amazing but it can absorb bacteria and cause breakouts!! It is very important to wash it and know when it is time to replace it!

One of the first few things you should look for is if your Beauty Blender has rips or is starting to flake. If it is loosing its shape then it is time to throw it away and get a new one!! I suggest you should replace your Beauty Blender every two months if you were makeup several days a week but if you don’t wear makeup you can push it a little bit longer. Do not push it anymore than 3 months!! That will not be good for your skin.

If you are starting to get mystery breakouts and you cannot target exactly why you should evaluate if you are eating right, drinking enough water, and staying on top of your skin care. If you are doing all things right and you are still breaking out then it might be because of your Beauty Blender!! If that is the case throw it away and buy a new one, even if it is sooner than two months.

Now that we have that covered there is one thing to remember! All of us love to have flawless looking makeup but it is important you wash your tools, including a beauty sponge. If you fail to do this it will affect your skin and defeat the purpose of your skincare!! Flawless makeup starts with healthy skin!!


Keep it beautiful

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Lots of HUGS to you all and keep it beautiful! XOXOX

Natural/Organic Tattoo Aftercare

Hello my beauty lovers! I'm sorry for being MIA but today I will be sharing some information  we will be talking about another natural/organic product for tattoo aftercare…. COCONUT OIL!! This can be used as the perfect tattoo aftercare balm.

This is not the first time I have talked about coconut oil on my blog and there is a reason so many people are starting to always have a bottle at home because of its multiple uses.  Coconut oil can be used in your tattoo aftercare routine as a soothing lotion with great healing properties. I spoke with Dan, a Master of Fine Arts and a member AuthorityTattoo ( about how to care for your tattoo with coconut oil. He taught me a few things and I want to share this information with you all today!!

Take a look below to see why 100% natural, organic and vegan-friendly coconut oil could be the best tattoo-healing product for you and your new ink.


Remember, a tattoo is a lifelong investment and this includes care and maintenance to keep it healthy and vibrant for years to come!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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Here comes the SUN!!

Since we were kids we have been told to eat our fruits and veggies for vitamin C, drink our milk for calcium and play outside for vitamin D. As kids we did it since our parents told us even if we didn’t understand why but now as adults we should understand the importance of vitamins, in particular vitamin D. Our bodies require an adequate amount of vitamin D in order to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. It also helps with calcium absorption in the gut and maintains blood calcium levels to allow the normal mineralization of bone, and prevent abnormally low blood calcium levels.

Vitamin D boosts our overall health and promotes strong and healthy bones. On top of that it is an important factor in ensuring our muscles, heart, lungs, and brain are functional, and preps the body to fight infection.


Now that we know all the benefits the let’s talk about three ways to get your vitamin D!

1.   SUNLIGHT! Summer is gone but that should not stop us from getting our daily sun exposure. We make the most vitamin D when we expose a large area of our skin in the sun, such as our back but since we can’t all walk around shirtless taking a walk or reading a book outside 10 minutes a day can help. I have seen some couples in the afternoon after work, sit outside of their balcony and catch up on their day. Supper cute and a great way to get your vitamin D intake!! 

2.  FOOD! There are different foods to get your Vitamin D including fatty fish, beef liver, egg yolks, fortified milk and orange juice. My favorite way to get my vitamin D with foods is eggs and juice, especially on Sunday morning! Who doesn’t love a good brunch spot?! Especially when you live in LA.

3. SUPPLEMENTS! The easiest way to get to get your vitamin D is by getting some supplements.  If you rarely get out in the sun it would be a good idea to get a supplement containing 400 to 1,000 IU.

Adequate vitamin D intake is important for the regulation of multiple reasons and we should all try to get some sort of vitamin D everyday.  If you will be getting it through sunlight make sure to not stay in the sun too long!! Fall is here but when you live in California you can enjoy the sun all year!! If you are not in the area make sure to eat the right foods and take your supplement.

Remember being healthy on the inside will reflect on the outside!! STAY BEAUTIFUL



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Stay Fit No Matter Where You Go

Summer is over and the Holiday season is near! Many people tend to travel during this time to visit family and friends. Holiday times and traveling means delicious food and less time to work out. I always try my best to eat healthy and stay active but we all know it is hard to say no to pumpkin pie!! This is why today I will be sharing a few of my tips to stay fit no matter where you go!

1. Find a class. When you visit somewhere it would be a smart idea to look for some sort of spin class or pilates session. This can be great bonding time with family or friends then after you won’t feel so guilty when you eat grandma’s dessert!!

2. Take a walk. Another thing you can do is take a morning or afternoon walk. Walking for at least 15 to 30 minutes is what you need and if you want to mix it up sprint for a few minutes in between your walk! Personally, I love going on a walk after I eat dinner and watch the sunset.

3. Pack some equipment. If you have limited time you can take a resistance band and do some workouts in your room when you first wake up!! I would also suggest taking a jump rope to get some cardio.

4. Try new things. When you travel there are activities you can do such as hiking to see views or go paddle boarding. Every city has great things to explore so don’t miss out and try something new!!

5. Use your phone. There are many fitness apps you can use to track your steps and calories such as MyFitnessPal. I would suggest to download it and use it so you can keep track on how active you are staying and how much water you are drinking. There are also apps where you can do quick workout challenges such as 30 Day Ab or 30 Day Squat. What’s great about using your phone is that these apps will send you reminders daily so you won’t forget to get a work out in!

smiling woman stretching on mat in the gym

I hope these tips will help you stay active and fit while you travel and enjoy spending time with family and friends. By drinking plenty of water and staying active your skin will thank you!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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Cold Seasons Call for Cryotherapy!!

Hi my loves!!

A few months ago I went to a Korean spa and saw many people going into this cold room willing to freeze their butts off! I was so confused but I started to see on social media more and more people around the world go for this type of treatment. I decided to look more into it and found out about cryotherapy spas!!

This is called, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), the exposure to subzero temperatures.  Can this really be beneficial for your skin?! The answer is YES. Extreme cold stimulates skin sensors and this activates the Central Nervous System response. This causes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators. It also, enhances circulation activity, clears toxins and metabolic waste with a supply of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to stimulate cellular regeneration. Many athletes use this sort of treatment for management of pain, inflammation, energy, and stress related conditions.

cryo chill ac 03

Other benefits:

·      Increase caloric burn

·      Boost your metabolic rate

·      Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

·      Promotes smooth complexion

·      Increases oxygenated blood

·      Decreases inflammation

·      Improves sleep and combats insomnia

·      Reduces stress and anxiety

·      Improves immune system and organ function


After reading all the benefits I am willing to give it a shot!! I want to go to a cryotherapy spa… Do any of you have any recommendations or been yourself?! If so let me know and if you have experienced the benefits!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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It is the last weekend of summer but that does not mean we should stop working out!! We can all stay active even during the cold seasons. Working out can really help improve your skin but going to the gym can affect your skin. Think about it…. How many people use the gym every day?! When you go to the gym you are constantly touching the machines or the weights! Your hands will be full of bacteria then you may touch your face, making it easier for you to breakout. Today I will give a few gym skin care tips to help prevent and improve your skin when you work out at the gym!!

Cute brunette working out at a gym

1. REHYDRATE. When you work out it is very important to stay hydrated since your skin loses water with sweat. Your skin can become dehydrated causing dead skin cells to accumulate and clogged pores. Bring a water bottle to your workout and remember to drink water throughout your workout. Adding BCAA to your water can impact the health and appearance of skin and hair.

2. KEEP YOUR HAIR UP. If you have long hair you should pull it back away from your face. Make sure to always have in your car or gym bag a headband or hair tie. Keeping your hair out of your forehead will prevent breakouts.

3.  DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. It may be hard to realize but when you workout you may be touching your face frequently and this can transfer bacteria from your hands onto your face. Another thing you need when going to the gym is a small towel to absorb the sweat from your face. Also, to wash this towel every time you use it!

4. WASH YOUR HANDS. It is clear bacteria can be found all over the gym that is why you need to wash your hands with soap! Use hand sanitizer to wipe down your machine before and after you use it. Don’t forget to wash your hands after you use the bathroom and after your workout. 

5. WASH YOUR FACE. When you are done with your workout you need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser! When you are done do not rub your skin with your towel, instead, gently pat dry. Exercising causes your blood circulation to increase, making your skin more sensitive. 

6. CHANGE CLOTHES ASAP. After your workout you need to change out of your sweaty clothes. You will sweat and all of your toxins come out and get into your clothes. Wearing dirty sweaty clothes your body can get clogged, leading to body acne. Make sure to shower and change into clean clothes to prevent this.

7. NO HOT SHOWERS. I know when you are done with a workout a hot shower feels amazing but you should reconsider. A hot shower can strip your skin of all the natural oils, leaving your skin dry and itchy. My suggestion is to take a short shower with lukewarm water.

8. MOISTURIZER. We all know your skin needs to be hydrated that is why using a moisturizer after washing your face and body is a must! If you have oily skin use a moisturizer that is oil-free. If your skin is sensitive or more acne prone, it is important to take the extra steps to protect your skin, especially after using you workout at the gym. Proper skincare will manage your acne and prevent it!

Enjoy the last weekend of summer and make sure to continue to stay active! Your skin will thank you.

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Lots of HUGS to you all and keep it beautiful! XOXOXO

Getting Rid of DARK CIRCLES!!

HI GANG! Today let’s get real!! We all have to deal with some sort of issue relating under eyes. It can be extremely frustrating but I will share some tips with you to help your eyes look at bright and awake! There are many eye creams and treatments out in the market but finding the right one for you can become expensive. That is why the tips I will share today will be budget friendly to treat your dark circles!!

TURMERIC- We are going back to the kitchen today… Turmeric is an amazing ingredient!! It has anti-inflammatory properties. Mix it with raw honey and Greek yogurt to make a facemask. Make sure to apply it as an under eye mask.

WARNING: This will stain your clothes and nails so make sure to wear an old t-shirt and disposable gloves.

WARNING: This will stain your clothes and nails so make sure to wear an old t-shirt and disposable gloves.

PILLOWS- It is important to keep blood from pooling under your eyes. This is why if you suffer from dark circles you should sleep with your head elevated. Get extra pillows and a pregnancy pillow!! This will help you to sleep on your side.

ANTIHISTAMINE- Dark circles may become worst with allergies and when you live in California it is not pretty!! This is why I suggest my clients start to take an antihistamine every day during allergy season.


Visit your local market to get it over-the-counter.

Visit your local market to get it over-the-counter.

MORE FOODS- The first tip was to use turmeric and for my last tip I will be going back to the kitchen again!! Other foods you can use under your eyes to help lighten and soften your eye skin are cucumbers and raw potato. First, you need to grate them then soak cotton round in the juice then you can apply it under your eyes for 15 minutes. Oils can also be used such as almond and coconut oil!

You do not always need to spend a fortune on skincare but what matters most is skincare is CONSISTENCY!! No matter what you decide to do remember to be frequent and stick to your regimen everyday in order to start seeing changes in your skin. Also, remember to get your rest and sleep. Our body and skin need sleep so it doesn't hurt to stay a night in and catch up on some Netflix favorites and sleep!!

If you try any of these tips make sure to let me know!! I love to hear what works for your guys and learn new tips and tricks!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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Vitamin C Benefits

Hi gang! Today we will be talking about one vitamin we hear about a lot... VITAMIN C. Vitamins are very important for your health especially vitamin C!! Not only does it help your overall health but also it works wonders for your skin, which is why so many brands are promoting vitamin C serums, masks and lotions.

There is a reason why vitamin C has been used for many years because of its benefits.  To start it protects from the free radicals our skin endures from the sun and pollution. This is exactly what we need, those who live in LA!! Using vitamin C with your sunscreen will protect and repair skin from the toxins you’re being exposed to. Vitamin C also helps in the production of collagen! This gives skin a plump, youthful appearance by reducing fine lines and keeping skin from sagging. It will repair scar tissue and ligaments, helping skin to repair itself. This is very beneficial for those who may have scarring on their face or body. Vitamin C helps create new cells to replace the damaged ones. It takes time to heal scars but if you are consistent and patient on applying vitamin C cream on the scar you will see it fade and have brighter skin!

Sooo the big question is will drinking OJ every morning help to create more elastin to thicken skin, retain moisture, and smooth skin’s surface?! Unfortunately, it does not work that way. The vitamin C we ingest won’t even make it to our skin. To have effective results look for products with ascorbic or L-ascorbic acid as the active ingredient. You will know it is an active ingredient by looking at the ingredient list and if it is listed in the first five then it is the product you want to buy!

The further down the list, the less percentage there is of this ingredient. Have you ever tried using vitamin C in your skincare? I have many clients who love vitamin C and swear by it! Try using it in your skincare routine and let me know if you see any results or if you have any tips of how to use it! I would also love to hear any vitamin C product recommendations to try myself!!


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Lots of HUGS to you all and keep it beautiful! XOXOXO