"9 Beauty Hacks People Who Work Out Need TO Know"  



6 Don’t Mistake Convenience for Quality

You’ve seen them in every gym locker-room shower and on every vanity counter — bottles of generic soap, shampoo and body lotion. And while they might work in a pinch, they’re often not the quality, customized products you should be using daily. “Skipping your regular skin care regimen once in awhile isn’t going to kill you,” explains Gregory Dylan, a skin care expert and owner of Gregory Dylan Beauty in Los Angeles ( But he recommends buying or creating your own travel sizes of the same products you use at home to avoid any allergic reactions and maintain consistency in your routine.

7 Master a No-Fuss Backup Look

No surprise here: How we look before and after exercising can be radically different. Instead of fighting it, Dylan recommends having a second look that you can feel as confident with as you do your perfected-at-home version. Maybe it means slicking back your hair or sporting a more tousled look. “Ask your stylist to teach you how to create a low-maintenance alternate look for when you don’t have all your products and need to cut down your prep time,” Dylan says.

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