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Facials MENU



A classic facial treatment, tailored precisely to your skin for maximum results. A fusion of traditional European cleansing and massage techniques partnered with modern methods of exfoliation and replenishment. All treatments include Ultrasonic, non chemical peel cleansing and skin specific, luxe facial serums and masks. Skin is left glowing with radiance, plumped and rejuvenated and of course, paparazzi ready. Strike a pose, Los Angeles!
— $165 / approx 40 min


Take your Couture Facial to the next level with brightening and clarifying Microdermabrasion and Level I Advanced Facial Exfoliation for extra glow and smoothness. I think I feel a selfie coming on! (May I suggest an Oxygen Facial Infusion add-on for my signature experience?!)
— $185 / approx 55 min


The ultimate facial overhaul for an all inclusive treatment session! A perfect way to snap long neglected skin back in shape or for those dying to try just a little bit of everything. Ultrasonic cleansing, Level I and II exfoliation, L.E.D. therapy, custom serums and masks, and an eye-spy cocktail are topped off with a radiance inducing oxygen infusion treatment. An indulgent and rejuvenating session designed for my jet set Los Angeles clientele or just those in need of a little getaway.
— $250 / approx. 70 min

Just for the "Fill" of IT

Amazing line-pluming results and not a needle in sight! Featuring the latest technology from Korea, Scullpla fills and plumps fine lines and wrinkles with unique topical application. Instant results that last weeks with one visit and months with a small series. Quickly becoming one of my most popular treatments for anyone looking to dial back the years without an injection!
— $250 / approx. 50 min



Capture the power of light and heat with this cutting edge esthetic technology, concentrated pulses penetrate the skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Even out skin tone and reduce pore size and redness all in one facial treatment! Highly recommended in a successive treatment series for true WOW-factor results.
— $145 / approx. 35 min


Oxygen is vital to life and even better for the skin! Breathe new life and radiance into the skin with direct oxygen infusion facial for ultimate vibrancy and skin health. Decongests, hydrates, tightens pores, improves texture and tone. skin looks youthful and rested with a superb glow. Warning: a favorite of Los Angeles locals, this facial treatment is addictive!!!
— $175 / approx. 45 min


The perfect Red Carpet facial to plump, fill, lift and glow! A top-secret solution is applied to the skin and then penetrated with heat and Galvanic current for maximum benefit and amazing radiance. While the results may be for a night, you’ll be approving photos well into the next day!
— $175 / approx. 45min


Los Angeles loves a body workout, now it’s time to work out your face! Lift, tone and tighten by stimulating the skin via a fusion of currents. micro-current, R.F., galvanic and electroporation make this “non-surgical facelift” a must for anyone looking to regain resilience, firmness and tone to the skin. Dedicated to looking your youngest and best? Purchase a series of 5 and your 6th is my gift!
— $185 / approx. 50min


Harness the power of L.E.D. and let your skin shine! Suited just for your skin type, light emitting diodes help to correct aging and damage, reduce skin inflammation, and treat acne and breakouts. Perfect for long term results in a series or as an add-on to maximize any other facial treatment.
— $145 / approx. 30min