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A few weeks ago beauty, fashion, and lifestyle expert Gregory Dylan caught up with BYM to chat about his highly successful skincare studio in West Hollywood, CA .

As I sipped on my cinnamon orange tea and admired the beautiful spring sun from my kitchen office, chatting with Gregory quickly became a serious breath of fresh air. We shared some serious belly laughter over our shared disdain for mandarin collars, and vibed about the up’s and downs of being your own boss.

Its no surprise why Greogry Dylan is one of our faves on the scene right now. Read on for highlights from our conversation..

BYM Give us your vitals, how did you get started in esthetics and when was your passion for this field born?
G.D  I’ve always loved skincare and products and the process of doing a skincare regimen. It all really started when I worked at a salon in High School and found out that esthetics existed. After I graduated, I looked into it and my state had just passed licensing for Esty’s…and the rest is history!

BYM Tell us about a time when you felt like giving up but you continued on your journey?
G.D. Oh my, beauty looks glamorous but is not easy. Especially when I started the studio. I had come from a corporate background and not a spa with a clientele, so it really took some time to create a presence, get reviews and establish myself. So the in between was never easy until after a while. But I always stuck to it and reminded myself that this was what I wanted to do!

BYM Many estheticians are afraid to step in front of the camera. Tell us a little bit about how your You Tube channel came to life and how you leverage it to connect with consumers? 
G.D. I started it as a way to create some awareness for myself and the studio and to share my knowledge. I have to say it was for sure more work than I thought, but the subscribers are all amazing and so appreciative and encouraging. I had done quite a bit of on camera work and always loved it, so the videos came pretty naturally.

BYM  What are your favorite pro products and or treatments and why do you love them?
G.D. I have used Christine Valmy for years (learned from them!) and also swear by DermAware. Fabulous products that give results. And great companies to work with.

BYM What has been the best investment for your skincare practice?
G.D.My oxygen concentrator!! Hands down. Clients LOVE it and once they have had it, they always add it on. Almost always my suggestion for 1st machine to new Estys for starting out.

BYM Do you agree that a fusion of style, decor and fashion is important for skincare professionals success today?
G.D. Gone are the days of candle lit rooms with chants and the Esty wearing a mandarin collar coat. It’s about creating a brand, a personality and infusing yourself in it. With what we do, we are a huge part of this interaction with our clients, so why not be ourselves!? My clients would laugh if they walked in and I had a lab coat on. They expect a cute outfit and lots of fab hats!! LOL With that said, the studio echoes a lot of my personality. The main room is very much like my “second home” and chic and colorful while the treatment room is more crisp and serene. It’s a nice balance and people ALWAYS comment on how they love it.

BYM How does your background in fashion lend itself to the work you do each day?
G.D. I think fashion does things with finesse, so I bring that into the studio. Hand written thank you notes, colorful sachets with samples. The little details make a business much like they make an outfit.

BYM What is one piece of valuable advice you can offer to up and coming skincare professionals.
G.D. Understand your demographic. Know what people really want in their treatments. Be aware of what the competition does. Know the market and be smart about your services and prices. Knowing how to create what
the marketplace is looking for is how to get loyal clients.

BYM  What is the best part of owning your own practice?
G.D. The schedule and control are great. But it’s more work than having a regular job, lol. People don’t think so but it’s soooo much more. But it’s also more satisfying. Nothing like being proud of what you have created!

BYM We heard about the possibilities of you creating your very own skincare line…any details?
G.D. It’s been in the works but on hold for the moment.I’m big on flow and having things happening organically. I’ll know when it’s right to continue. But it’s there, first product is developed and formulated. When the time is right, I’ll “press go”.

BYM loved our chat with Gregory Dylan and we definitely have our eyes on him as a leader in our field. Gregory would also love to connect with skincare professionals to. Visit him on his website, Instagram or YouTube to find out more about his AWESOME WORLD!

Regina T.

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