"7 Times Chris pratt was the wellness coach we all need"  



1 When He Made Facials a Thing

Chris Pratt’s glowing skin isn’t just a product of good genes. In a hilarious videoposted to his Instagram account, followers came face-to-face with the 38-year-old getting a facial. “In the spirit of Christmas, it’s important to know how much better it feels to give than to receive,” he says, joking about giving his longtime hair and makeup artist Bridget Brager the opportunity to give him a facial.

Licensed aesthetician and beauty expert Gregory Dylan, owner of Gregory Dylan Beauty, has been in the skin care industry for more than 20 years. He notes that he’s seen a recent increase in men, including nonactors, who are interested in skin health. “There’s a little bit of an epiphany that overall for skin health and well-being is more than something that our moms or our girlfriends used to do. Everyone has evolved past that stereotype.”

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