Great read on Cleansing Oils!

Found this on the HuffP (one of my fave news sources, obvi) and thought I would share it! I LOVE cleansing oils and oil-based cleansing balms. My oily-skinned clients are always baffled when I suggest them, lol. You see, oil cuts oil. Good, nourishing oils in a cleanser actually break down bad oil and dirt on the skin, leaving a super smooth and soft complexion. 

This is a great addition for anyone oily-skinned that is using primarily oil-free skincare to create a better balance in the skin. All oil free will dry your surface and tell your oil glands to kick it into high gear, so balance is key!

Dryer skins will love the softness and suppleness of this comfy type of cleanser!

Have you tried any cleansing oils?! I picked up a snazzy oil cleanser in Korea once that I loved. And the Rodial Glamtox Cleanser is an oil based balm that I ADORE!