Beauty Sleep goes next level!

I came across this Marie Claire UK article on a new trend and had to share!! It talks about a selection of pillows designed to prevent lines and aging with special "ingredient infused" fabrics to treat skin, silks to reduce creasing and shapes to increase radiant inducing glow!

skin - pillow - gregory - dylan - beauty

I thought it was interesting as I have carried "the Pillowcase" by Circadia (click over to "shop" to check it out!) since I opened the studio! This particular case is a special microfiber that prevents creasing and moisture depletion. I  really liked this one as it does not over promise and the premiss made sense. (Many materials wick moisture from the skin and regular pillow cases to cause skin creasing which may lead to lines.) And it is super soft and comfy!

Are you going to go next level with your beauty sleep and try and new pillow case?!? I'd give the others a try at some point. But for now, keep it simple with a silk or satin and use fabulous nighttime skincare!!