November Ready!!

Hello gang!! This year is going by soo fast, I can’t believe it’s already November?! The holidays are so close and its time to switch that beauty routine! When seasons change we all want to make some small tweaks to our makeup and skincare to transition from fall to winter. Here are a few things you can try to switch up this cold season:

1.  Switch Foundations. Around this time of the year it is nice to switch your dewy foundation to matte foundations, powder formulas, mattifying primers. In the cooler months try to go for a cooler foundation rather than a warmer tone that may be too tan.

2.  Different Lip Care. We usually neglect our lips during the warmer months but we have to pay extra attention to them during the colder seasons. Cool air can cause more chapping and that is no good when you are trying to wear matte lipsticks!! One of my personal favorite lip balms is Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve.

3. Add Oil. Light-weight and oil free moisturizers is what many avoid during the heat but with the cold weather it is nice to switch to a heavier moisturizer or even an oil! It depends on every skin type if oil can be used, if it works for you it will make your skin feel so hydrated!! Make sure to use some oil on your hair and body as well to keep it moisturized!!

4.  Play with red. Who doesn’t love nude and blush shades, but during the cold season is fun to play with different shades of red. Maybe a maroon sweater, a vampy lip color, or a burgundy manicure like Essie Wicked. Red comes in so many shades and this is the time switch it up!!

Those are a few things to change as winter approaches!! What are some things you do differently during the cold seasons? Let me know in the comments!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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