Let your skin breathe!!

Summer is closer than ever which means beach days, pool parties, lounging with friends is right around the corner!! It is time to get ready and be your best beautiful self this summer. It is important to remember your skin needs to breathe especially during the summer heat. That is why I always recommend to not use anything too heavy or creamy for summer. Instead take advantage of this time to help any congestion you may have with a deep-cleansing mud mask. Incorporating this to your skincare regimen twice a week will allow to help draw out impurities and detoxify the skin. One of my personal favorites and budget friendly is Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask, Avocado & Oatmeal.

This clay mask is a must-have since it is gentle but effective. It will act as a vacuum and soak up all the traces of dirt and grease! Make sure to follow up with a gentle moisturizer at night or sunblock during the day!!

Remember… Keep it beautiful!!



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