My YouTube is launched! Check out Boy Meets Beauty!

Here it is! My first YouTube venture, Boy Meets Beauty! I'll be doing all sorts of reviews and tutorials for Beauty as well as some Fashion and Lifestyle segment. I'm soooo excited to share my expertise and can't wait to do more videos.

In this video, I share a few of my department stores faves with everyone as well as share some pro tips for their use. Follow up video will be all about my drug store faves that are great products at a steal!

Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe and share with friends!



Check it this awesome American Horror Story inspired makeup artistry!!

WOW, just WOW!! Makeup artist Jan Bonito has taken transformational artistry to a new level! BuzzFeed just featured some shots from his Instagram account and they are truly amazing!

He magically transform himself into many of the popular American Horror Story: Freakshow characters and the result is out of control...such an homage to the power of makeup! 

PS: Obvi, I am soooo following this genius on IG to see should too!