Stay Fab With Silk

Silk duvet cover and pillowcases can look luxurious in your room but not only does it look good it also has its benefits! Silk can be worth splurging on because of the benefits it has on your hair and skin!

Cotton is naturally absorbent, meaning it will pull moisture from your skin. For those who care for their skin tend to have a night routine of our favorite serums and creams, last thing you want is too have your pillowcase absorb it all!! This can cause your skin to become dry as you sleep but with a silk pillowcase your skin will retain moisture and look fresh and hydrated.

Silk is naturally cool so this helps reduce sweat during your sleep. When you sweat while your sleep it can make your hair oily and breakout!! Using a silk pillowcase will keep you cool during your beauty sleep.

Some of us have sensitive facial skin, which is why using a silk pillowcase would be a great idea to avoid any potentially irritating added chemicals and various environmental allergens such as dust mites, mold, and fungus. That is the last thing I would want during my beauty sleep!!

How many of you wake up with frizzy hair?! Friction is no fun… It causes split ends!! To avoid having your hair look dry and preserve your fab blowouts start using a silk pillowcases. There are many silk pillowcases on the market but if you are hesistant to start using silk you can start by using one I offer at my skin care clinic and on my site, The Pillowcase by Circadia. This luxuriously soft fabric scientifically designed to support your skin while you sleep, it maintains the skin’s hydration and even helps prevent sleep lines that cause wrinkles.


Let me know if you use a silk pillowcase or which one you decide on buying! I love hearing your product recommendations.


Remember… Stay fabulous with a silk pillowcases and… Keep it beautiful!!



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* Gregory Dylan is a 20 year beauty industry veteran, licensed esthetician and facial expert. For more information or to schedule a facial treatment at his Los Angeles skin care clinic in, please e-mail: *


It is the last weekend of summer but that does not mean we should stop working out!! We can all stay active even during the cold seasons. Working out can really help improve your skin but going to the gym can affect your skin. Think about it…. How many people use the gym every day?! When you go to the gym you are constantly touching the machines or the weights! Your hands will be full of bacteria then you may touch your face, making it easier for you to breakout. Today I will give a few gym skin care tips to help prevent and improve your skin when you work out at the gym!!

Cute brunette working out at a gym

1. REHYDRATE. When you work out it is very important to stay hydrated since your skin loses water with sweat. Your skin can become dehydrated causing dead skin cells to accumulate and clogged pores. Bring a water bottle to your workout and remember to drink water throughout your workout. 

2. KEEP YOUR HAIR UP. If you have long hair you should pull it back away from your face. Make sure to always have in your car or gym bag a headband or hair tie. Keeping your hair out of your forehead will prevent breakouts.

3.  DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. It may be hard to realize but when you workout you may be touching your face frequently and this can transfer bacteria from your hands onto your face. Another thing you need when going to the gym is a small towel to absorb the sweat from your face. Also, to wash this towel every time you use it!

4. WASH YOUR HANDS. It is clear bacteria can be found all over the gym that is why you need to wash your hands with soap! Use hand sanitizer to wipe down your machine before and after you use it. Don’t forget to wash your hands after you use the bathroom and after your workout. 

5. WASH YOUR FACE. When you are done with your workout you need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser! When you are done do not rub your skin with your towel, instead, gently pat dry. Exercising causes your blood circulation to increase, making your skin more sensitive. And don't forget to follow up wth your skincare!

6. CHANGE CLOTHES ASAP. After your workout you need to change out of your sweaty clothes. You will sweat and all of your toxins come out and get into your clothes. Wearing dirty sweaty clothes your body can get clogged, leading to body acne. Make sure to shower and change into clean clothes to prevent this.

7. NO HOT SHOWERS. I know when you are done with a workout a hot shower feels amazing but you should reconsider. A hot shower can strip your skin of all the natural oils, leaving your skin dry and itchy. My suggestion is to take a short shower with lukewarm water.

8. MOISTURIZER. We all know your skin needs to be hydrated that is why using a moisturizer after washing your face and body is a must! If you have oily skin use a moisturizer that is oil-free. If your skin is sensitive or more acne prone, it is important to take the extra steps to protect your skin, especially after using you workout at the gym. Proper skincare will manage your acne and prevent it!

Enjoy the last weekend of summer and make sure to continue to stay active! Your skin will thank you.

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* Gregory Dylan is a 20 year beauty industry veteran, licensed esthetician and facial expert. For more information or to schedule a facial treatment at his skin care clinic in Los Angeles, please e-mail: *

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My YouTube is launched! Check out Boy Meets Beauty!

Here it is! My first YouTube venture, Boy Meets Beauty! I'll be doing all sorts of reviews and tutorials for Beauty as well as some Fashion and Lifestyle segment. I'm soooo excited to share my expertise and can't wait to do more videos.

In this video, I share a few of my department stores faves with everyone as well as share some pro tips for their use. Follow up video will be all about my drug store faves that are great products at a steal!

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Swap those unwanted Beauty samples! Check out eDivv!!!

So, if you're anything like myself (or any other beauty junky) you are INUNDATED with countless samples of beauty products. From fragrances to primers, body polish to face serums, they get dropped in our bags while shopping or delivered to us monthly. And LBH, (let's be honest) we never realllllly get around to trying them all.  Ever. For real. 

Well, fear not! eDivv is here! This super fun site lets you find trading partners to send and receive other samples with. Simply upload your unwanted selections and find someone who has the products that you're looking to try...and negotiate a trade!

samples - gregory dylan beauty- eDivv

This is SO fun!!! I think I'm going to go upload and start a swap! (and YES, that is my pile above and it's a fraction of what I have. Yikes. #beautyexpertproblems)



Eating your way to glowing, healthy, summer skin!

Summer food is always so light and delicious, totally a person fave! And also very much on par with how we eat here in SoCal all year long since it's pretty much almost always "summer". (I know, I know, I'm always bragging about SoCal weather...sorrrrry Midwest and East Coast friends! LOL)

I loved this quick read on the Huff P about 9 foods to put in your Summer diet to give you amazing skin! It's full of berries, fish and greens that are not only delicious but help to nourish, protect and replenish the skin from the inside out!

Do you have a fave Summer dish that's also great for the skin? I know that after this I'm totally craving salmon and berries!! Nomonomnom!




Summer is officially here! Great news for your social life, but not so great for your skin. More time outdoors means more exposure to harsh sun and skin-zapping free radicals while all those sunday fundays take a toll as well. Keep that pretty selfie-maker clean, glowing and protected with just a few simple, beauty expert approved steps!

1) Lighten Up: Oil glands work overtime in the heat of the summer, so the last thing we need is to slather on our luxe cooler weather moisturizer. Try a refreshing hydrating gel! SAMPAR’s 3-Day Weekend is a cooling, gel-based drink of water for the skin that melts right in, leaving no residue. Use a thin layer as an impromptu hydrating facial mask or store in the fridge for an icy skin treat. ($55, available at Gregory Dylan Beauty

2) Use Protection: Most people think sunscreen has to be a thick white mess they would rather not deal with. Not anymore, SPF products have come a long way. Find one that is lightweight and silky with at least an SPF of 30. My favorite is L’Oreal Sublime Sun SPF 50. This liquid silk formula glides on without any white residue or oiliness. (available at most drug stores And it’s a steal at around $10.)

gregory dylan-beauty expert-summerize-skincare-blog

3) You been drinkin’: And I’m guessing it’s not water. We’re all guilty here. Daytime fun goes hand in hand with cocktails. Deliciously dehydrating, alcohol robs the skin and body of vital hydration. Try the “Pause and Pose”. Take a break between drinks to toss down a bottle of water and get the day’s perfect, filter-free selfie. Your face (and body) will thank you tomorrow and all the “likes” will be well worth it!

xoxox, Gregory