Stay Fab With Silk

Silk duvet cover and pillowcases can look luxurious in your room but not only does it look good it also has its benefits! Silk can be worth splurging on because of the benefits it has on your hair and skin!

Cotton is naturally absorbent, meaning it will pull moisture from your skin. For those who care for their skin tend to have a night routine of our favorite serums and creams, last thing you want is too have your pillowcase absorb it all!! This can cause your skin to become dry as you sleep but with a silk pillowcase your skin will retain moisture and look fresh and hydrated.

Silk is naturally cool so this helps reduce sweat during your sleep. When you sweat while your sleep it can make your hair oily and breakout!! Using a silk pillowcase will keep you cool during your beauty sleep.

Some of us have sensitive facial skin, which is why using a silk pillowcase would be a great idea to avoid any potentially irritating added chemicals and various environmental allergens such as dust mites, mold, and fungus. That is the last thing I would want during my beauty sleep!!

How many of you wake up with frizzy hair?! Friction is no fun… It causes split ends!! To avoid having your hair look dry and preserve your fab blowouts start using a silk pillowcases. There are many silk pillowcases on the market but if you are hesistant to start using silk you can start by using one I offer at my skin care clinic and on my site, The Pillowcase by Circadia. This luxuriously soft fabric scientifically designed to support your skin while you sleep, it maintains the skin’s hydration and even helps prevent sleep lines that cause wrinkles.


Let me know if you use a silk pillowcase or which one you decide on buying! I love hearing your product recommendations.


Remember… Stay fabulous with a silk pillowcases and… Keep it beautiful!!



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Look who popped up on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker!!!

In case you missed it, check out this episode of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker with Perez Hilton!! Patti sets him up on a blind date...with me!! LOL The funny part of it all is that I met Mario  years ago through friends, but we had a really fun time and just chatted about life and dating, LA verus New York, etc.

This was a totally fun experience, a couple of my friends were daters as well and the new guys we met were all super sweet! And yes, Perez is totally a good guy and in a super happy place! :)