Needle free filler?!? OMG yes yes yes!! Meet Sculplla!

Hello beauties!

Have you ever dreamed of the amazing plumped up results of a filler like Sculptra or Juvederm but just can't take the needles or costly maintenance? Well, do I have something for you!!

Gregory Dylan Skincare - Sculplla - Needle free filler

I came across this article by Katie Becker from Harper's Bazaar a bit ago... It's about Georgia Louise, celebrity Esthetician and her famous facials that include a non-invasive filler treatment called Sculplla. As you can imagine I was immediately obsessed and had to find out how to get this for myself and to use on my clients at my skincare studio!

Well my lovelies, I have found it!! YES!! I will be offering the amazing anti-aging Sculplla treatment at Gregory Dylan Skincare and Beauty in West Hollywood! I'm so excited for all of my clients to experience this fantastic technology. And the best part is, the key active ingredient in Sculplla is Poly L Lactic Acid, the same ingredient found in the superstar injectable filler, Sculptra. The results are so impressive and visible after just one treatment and last for weeks. Do a series of 3 over 3 weeks and results last up to 5 months!!

I will be posting some before and after photos on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so be sure and follow me!! And definitely check out the Harper's Bazaar article and see why this is such a celebrity skincare must-have!

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NEW Video!! How to Layer your Skin Care!!

So, one of the questions that I get asked most often is: "What order do I put my products on?" And it's a really good question! With all of our toners and serums and spot treatments, it's important to make sure that they go on in the right order so they perform properly. In this week's video, I break down how and why to layer your skin care and help you learn an easy way to remember what order to do it in!

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New video!! Wake up tired eyes!!

Ok gang, my first tutorial is here! I wanted to share my quick and easy method to instantly brighten tired eyes. I do this evvvvvery day and it never looks creased or cake, always really natural and luminous. Give it a shot and I know you'll love the result, just like I do! (PS: the product run down is in the video description on my YouTube page!)

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Swap those unwanted Beauty samples! Check out eDivv!!!

So, if you're anything like myself (or any other beauty junky) you are INUNDATED with countless samples of beauty products. From fragrances to primers, body polish to face serums, they get dropped in our bags while shopping or delivered to us monthly. And LBH, (let's be honest) we never realllllly get around to trying them all.  Ever. For real. 

Well, fear not! eDivv is here! This super fun site lets you find trading partners to send and receive other samples with. Simply upload your unwanted selections and find someone who has the products that you're looking to try...and negotiate a trade!

samples - gregory dylan beauty- eDivv

This is SO fun!!! I think I'm going to go upload and start a swap! (and YES, that is my pile above and it's a fraction of what I have. Yikes. #beautyexpertproblems)